Bennachti is a web magazine for women.

Bennachti is a web magazine for women.

Bennachti provides effective ideas for today’s perceptive and conscientious women.

Site owner: Linda Jo Martin

History of the Bennachti Site

I’ve owned this website for a few years and originally used it to display and discuss my art. I decided to add that to my main personal blog and to develop this site as a web magazine for women.

This change is motivated by events beyond my control. In 2014 the site I’d been writing for since 2006, Squidoo, suddenly went out of business, sending my articles to another content site, HubPages. Unfortunately, many pages that did well at Squidoo were demoted to an “unlisted” status at HubPages. Like many others, I decided to move my articles to a different place. And for me, Bennachti.Com became that place.

These articles are on a variety of topics and I brainstormed what the subject areas of the Bennachti site should be. I finally settled on the idea that Bennachti will be “anything of interest to a Proverbs 31 woman” and I listed everything that chapter of the Bible told me about how effective and wise women live. The topic areas will include relationships, food, family, children, homemaking, fashion, personal care, health, careers, finances, reviews, arts/crafts, blogging, and pets. Possibly more if needed.

I am still in the process of transferring articles from HubPages, but also am writing new articles for this site – articles that have never been published elsewhere. It is an ongoing, long-term process, one that I hope to continue for many years.

Site Goals for 2017

1. Continue to add new articles as directed by the Holy Spirit (my best friend and confidant).
2. Consolidate articles into a limited number of categories.
3. Evaluate tags and improve on them, adding descriptions to tag pages.

Site Goals for 2016

1. Continue to write new articles here. Have five articles in each category, minimum, by the end of the year. – still working on it
2. Find people who would like to write occasional guest posts for this site, with articles at a minimum of 1000 words. If interested, contact me at the Facebook page: Bennachti. – still working on it
3. Create a charitable outreach for the site to spread love to needy people. – still working on it

Site Goals for 2015

1. Fill all topic areas with at least three articles each – still working on it
2. Choose and purchase a good magazine theme … done
3. Create social media outreach for the site: Bennachti on Facebook :: Bennachti on Pinterest