I’ve had eczema problems for many years. Eczema is itchy, scaly, annoying, irritating and hard to get rid of. Recently I found a hand cream that provides eczema relief quickly, and I hope that by writing about it I’ll bless some other poor sufferer looking for solutions.

Effective Eczema Treatment

The cream I’m recommending is Aveeno Eczema Therapy. It is a hand cream, but can be used on other affected parts of the body. I’ve used it on my legs, as I have a few recurring eczema spots there.

Right now I have my eczema under control. I have two small spots – one on each hand near the base of my thumb. Same place on each hand! This has been a common thing – that eczema will occur in the same spot on both sides of my body, as if it is placed there by the nerves running to those areas. I don’t understand it. I just observe that this is happening.

My eczema problems started during my first pregnancy, when I was 20. During that pregnancy I broke out with rashes all over my body. After the baby was born the rashes went away until the next pregnancy. After that it became a constant part of my life, usually centering on the backs of my hands and the backs of my lower legs.

I’m much older now (rapidly approaching old age) and I’ve learned a few things about eczema along the way.

My eczema breaks out when I consume sugar.

Yes, every time I eat sweets, I can count on having worse eczema within twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, I do love to eat sweet foods, so I’m rarely entirely eczema free.

Only two weeks ago the backs of my hands were dry and scaly, and covered with red rash eczema. I had a few spots that were extremely itchy. Then I found Aveeno Eczema Therapy, and relief was almost instantaneous. Within a few hours my hands were soft and supple, and the red rash subsided and disappeared. Amazing!

The active ingredient is “colloidal oatmeal.” Now, why didn’t I think of that? I’ve had an interest in natural healing with foods and herbs for years.

I originally bought a small tube of the Eczema Therapy hand cream, then later went back and bought a larger tube. I knew I’d be using a lot of this. It is such a comforting relief. I’ve also used it on my itchy ears . . . they are less itchy than ever before.

Well, I hope this has been helpful. Aveeno also makes a Baby Eczema Therapy cream, and soothing bath treatments for both babies and adults.