Fashion images provided by Avady Clothing Company

I love a warm cup of coffee in the morning, and like most women, one of my favorite clothing colors matches my favorite early morning drink. I’m thrilled to see the advent of mocha coffee fashion colors this year, and this page is devoted to showcasing some of these gems.

A soft mocha coffee fashion dress called Shifting Thoughts

Creamy lace edges this mocha dreamy dress that could be worn as a top with complimentary-colored coffee fleece leggings for a modest but appealing look perfect for church, lunch out with friends, or even speaking engagements.

Did you know that the favorite ice cream flavor for most women is mocha? Well, that’s definitely true for me, and this dress (which I would wear as a modestly long top) is definitely the essence of java mocha ice cream, a color I could look at all day long. I’d enjoy the color but spare myself the calories.

The fabric is light and airy so it could be worn all year long, paired with a sweater during winter or shorts during the summer months. Be forewarned, the fabric is “dry-clean only” – look for an eco-friendly organic dry cleaning service in your area. We’re looking at a mocha-colored blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Cream lace enhances the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

The coffee colored Cassidy top

This dark-hued coffee-colored Cassidy Top has a unique hem line and long sleeves perfect for winter outings. Pair with skinny jeans in dark colors, perhaps with a lighter mocha tank top underneath. Layers are lovely, especially in winter.

I like the dark coffee coloring. It is true that brown has been a long-time favorite in the fashion industry but refreshing to consider it as a trendy color for this year. There’s not much more trendy than rustic coffeehouses now. Blend in with something that resembles black coffee, or chocolate, or hot chocolate – all favorites of mine.

The cowl is ribbed and the knit is 21% Polyester, 76% Rayon, and 3% Spandex. It is marked “hand wash cold water” so be prepared for that. I like hand-washable clothing much better than “dry clean only” as the cost is minimal and it can be done any day of the week. You only have to wait for it to dry – no big deal there, the drying is free.

Mocha solid knot-front sleeveless knit top

This pretty mocha coffee tank top has a unique side-knot in front. The length is modest for use with skinny jeans or coffee leggings. I’d wear it under the Cassidy Top above or use during the heat of summer.

This top is 96% Rayon and 4% Spandex, so remember, “hand wash only.” Seems easy enough to take care of. The knot in the front is a nice feature with more fashion interest than the ordinary tank top. Something special for an important summer day, perhaps? Maybe a dinner party with the in-laws?

I love the length of this tank top. I love that it covers more – it is (my favorite word today) modest. While looking for clothing to recommend on this website I saw too many things that weren’t. Know what I mean? Whoever designed this mocha coffee tank top seems to know what women really want.

An angel tunic for perfect mocha coffee fashion

Definitely angelic, with a hint of coffee mocha to sweeten things up. This adorable tassled tunic is 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, and is marked “hand wash only.” Fair enough, and easy to do. I’d wear this often.

The tassels remind me of a Mexican sombrero, so the dress feels festive. Put it on and you’re ready for a party on Cinco de Mayo or any day of the year. The mocha flavor tunic reminds me of coffee klatsches and coffeehouses and bookstores with Starbucks on the side. It is enough for me to go to my kitchen and make another pot of my favorite coffee, Peet’s House Blend – a good way to start the day.

I like the look with leggings – maybe those coffee fleece leggings – and boots. Or maybe an ordinary pair of jeans would look nice. With the long sleeves, it is definitely a fall or winter top, appropriate for most places a young woman would want to go, including school, the library, church, out for coffee with friends, or a casual party. Mocha coffee fashion is definitely a idea whose time has come. I don’t know what took clothing manufacturers so long to figure out what women really want. If I can’t look like a delicious cup of mocha, why not?

Coffee fleece leggings

Here are the amazing coffee fleece leggings I’ve been writing about. These leggings are just the right color for the fashions on this page, and fleece – really? How awesome is that? They sound warm and snuggly, or maybe I just think that because I’m a big fan of fleece blankets. Anyhow, coffee fleece leggings sound perfect to me.

I will warn you in advance – these are “one-size-fits-all” and we who are tall tend to groan when we hear that, but for the rest of you, why not? They are seamless and 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, and the price is right. You will have to click through to see the exact price, but I’m pretty sure that owning these will not break your budget.

I’m not only into modesty for the women I write for, but also into frugal living – that’s part of being a Proverbs 31 woman. We don’t over-spend. The fashions I’m writing about are all reasonably priced – I would not partner with a company that expects you to pay more for clothes than they are actually worth. That’s just in keeping with my ethics and my intentions for the Bennachti website.

Check the tassels on this gorgeous plaid cardigan

I thought I was done adding to this Mocha Coffee Fashion page, and then I saw this beautiful brown plaid cardigan. My eyes got wider and I thought to myself, “Hold the presses! I have to include this.” I love the way it floats around in the front, and looks so dreamy in the coffee mocha themed plaid.

Aptly named by the clothing manufacturer as a Check the Tassels Cardigan, please note that this dreamy topper must be “hand washed only” and please use cold water so it will not shrink.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, is what I most want to say. This is the perfect finish for all the clothing featured above. If you want to look memorable, or if you want to catch someone’s eye, this should do it. Note the sleeve length – this isn’t meant to keep you warm all winter. This amazing cotton cardigan works for spring, or autumn, or cooling summer evenings.

All fashions on this page are offered by the Avady Clothing Company.

I reviewed many online fashion retailers before choosing Avady for this site because they offer feminine clothing that’s both modest and reasonably priced. If I couldn’t imagine Kari Jobe wearing something, I can’t offer it on this site. This clothing company gets my seal of approval and you won’t find crazy outrageous prices there. Everything seems to be priced to sell to normal people.