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Do you heat your home with firewood?

The firewood racks and bins on this page are the best I’ve found for wood storage. They can be used outdoors, or inside next to a fireplace or wood stove.

It is recommended that you keep firewood off the ground. That will help it cure. Cured wood burns better, and is less likely to leave residue in your chimney. Also use of a firewood rack discourages invasion by bugs, snakes, rodents, mold and mildew.

1. Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack

Woodhaven 5' Firewood RackThe Woodhaven Firewood Rack can be used indoors or out. It comes with a lifetime guarantee!

This firewood rack is made of 16 gauge steel with non-rust stainless steel hardware in a black powder finish.

It comes in a variety of lengths from 5′ to 10′.

I recommend this sturdy firewood rack. It is made in the USA, and is built to last.

The Woodhaven firewood rack comes with a cover made of top-quality coated canvas. It fits around the four uprights so if used outdoors, the top row of wood stays dry and ready to burn while air flows through the rest to promote curing and reduce mold or mildew. The cover has velcro front sides to allow quick access to firewood.

2. Landman 8′ Firewood Log Rack

Landman Wood RackThe Landman 8′ Firewood Log Rack holds nearly a cord of firewood.

This 8′ rack also comes in a 4′ length. It keeps firewood up off the floor, stable, and away from bugs and dampness. The firewood rack is made of tubular steel with a waterproof powder coating. Includes all hardware needed for assembly. It is not as well-built as the Woodhaven firewood rack (#1 above) but will probably last at least a few seasons.

Learn more about firewood – …if you’re new to heating with firewood you’ll find this video helpful.

3. Panacea Four-Foot Outdoor Firewood Rack

Panacea Four Foot Firewood RackThe Panacea 4′ Deluxe Outdoor Firewood Rack is easy to put together and load wood into, and should last a long time.

This rack is made in the USA and holds about six wheelbarrows full of wood.

There’s also an 8′ long version which of course holds twice as much wood up off the ground for curing. It has legs half-way across to add to the structural strength of the rack.

The black powder-coated surface of this rack is durable and suitable for outdoor use. The smaller, 4′ version of this rack measures 48 inches in length by 48 inches in height, with a width of 14 inches. The 8′ version is 96 inches long, by 48″ by 14″.

4. Panacea Tubular Steel Log Hoop

Panacea Tubular Steel Wood HoopThe Panacea Tubular Steel Log Hoop is the perfect place for storing firewood next to a wood stove. It would also be perfect alongside an outdoor fire pit on your patio. It is adorable – pretty enough to compliment a living room’s decor, yet sturdy enough to stack 25 to 30 logs into.

The base is 37+1/2 inches wide, and strong enough to hold a full stack of oak. It stands about 40 inches high and keeps wood off the floor so it will continue to cure while waiting to be burned. This little rack will hold about enough wood to last two days, if you burn it constantly for heat.

I like the way it looks sitting next to a wood stove, and is so much better than what we had, which consisted of cardboard boxes next to Rubbermaid bins full of kindling.

5. Shelter Logic Firewood Rack

Shelter Logic Firewood RackThe ShelterLogic Backyard Firewood Storage Rack comes with a weatherproof cover that protects the top layers of wood. The cover has velcro closures and accommodates wood up to 24″ in length.

The black powder frame is study and reliable, and comes in three lengths: 4′, 8′, or 12′. The 4′ size hold 1/5 of a cord. The 8′ size hold 2/5 of a cord, and the 12′ size holds 3/5 of a cord. The black powder finish should last at least 4 years and is easily retouched after that, to prevent rust. Each version is 46.6″ high and 15.5″ wide. Though these aren’t as sturdy as the pricier racks, they’re a great deal for the price. It is suggested that the legs be placed on brick to increase stability for your load of wood.

6. Pleasant Hearth Log Rack Ends

Pleasant Hearth Log Rack EndsPleasant Hearth Heavy-Duty Log Rack EndsThis is the economy choice. You can get two metal heavy-duty end posts and buy your own 2″x4″ lumber for the base. Adjust to any length that fits your needs. This is recommended for outdoor use only.

What you get is the two end sections which are made of heavy, durable tubular steel covered with a black powdered finish. They are 48″ high and 14″ wide. Combined with your own set of 2″x4″s you will have a reliable and durable easy-to-assemble log rack that should last for years. This works especially well for anyone needing to place their rack on a porch, in a limited space. You get to decide how long this rack will be. Like the other racks, it will keep wood off the ground for better curing and protection from pests.

7. Panacea Brushed Bronze Log Rack With Scrolls

Panacea Brushed Bronze Log BinThe Panacea Brushed Bronze Log Bin With Scrolls is a beautiful addition to home decor as well as a handy place to place logs next to a wood stove or fireplace. It is pretty as can be, so who wouldn’t want this in their home? I was surprised at how reasonable the price is.

This bin is 18″ long and 14.5″ high, with a width of 14″. It will hold about fifteen pieces of wood, maybe more, depending on how thick they are cut. You know how that goes . . . the size of wood pieces will vary. Some people use this for kindling sticks, and use something larger for logs.

This attractive wood holder is not recommended for outdoor use as it might be to harsh for the finish. It is made of aluminum but made to look like brushed bronze. The scrolls and vertical pipes are added on the end to make it more attractive. There’s a similarly finished metal piece at the bottom to hold wood securely.

8. Minuteman International Country Wood Holder With Tools

Minuteman Country Wood Holder With ToolsThe Minuteman Country Wood Holder comes with four tools: a broom, poker, log-flipper and ash shovel.

This is an ideal and attractive place to put your kindling, newspaper to help start fires, and matches. What could be prettier or more convenient? We need a place for everything, and everything in its place.

It is graphite powder coated, and 30 inches high, 23 inches long, and 11.5 inches deep.

This firewood bin is intended for indoor use and could rust if put outside. It comes fully assembled. It is not cast iron, but is made to look similar to cast iron. It is sturdy and reliable.

9. Panacea Adjustable-Length Log Rack

Panacea Adjustable Length Log RackThe Panacea Adjustable Length Log Rack is one of those “buy your own 2×4’s” rack systems. It is very reasonably priced. You get to decide how long you want your 2×4’s to be, so the length is up to you.

As you can see from the photograph, the end-pieces are a simple inverted-U-shaped design, 44-inches in height. They rest directly on the ground, along with the 2×4’s which you would have to buy separately. If you purchase 15′ 2×4’s you could conceivably stack an entire cord of wood in this log rack. It is very sturdy and the powdered black finish should last several years before needing touch-ups.

10. Celtic Oval Hearth Bin

Celtic Oval Hearth BinThe Celtic Oval Hearth Bin is perfect for storing firewood or kindling next to your fireplace or wood stove. I has an attractive Celtic knot feature, and is sturdy and very attractive.

This bin is 20+3/4 inches long, 12+1/4 inches wide, and 11+1/2 inches high. Although this is small and is better suited for holding kindling, it is a handy place to rest a few pieces of firewood just before you place them on the fire. It would made an ideal gift for anyone who heats with wood.

About Firewood

So, what are the most popular types of firewood? You will have to find out what is most commonly sold in your area. In the past my firewood preference polls have shown that the most popular wood is Oak, with 33% of the vote. Ash was second with 11% of the vote, followed by Maple (7%), Birch (6%), and Cherry (5%).

Where I lived, in the Klamath River Valley, we burned Fir, Oak, and Madrone. Madrone is a very hard and desirable wood, but it grows in a very limited area. The first year we were there an unscrupulous firewood provider continually sold us Pine knowing it would burn too fast and coat the interior of our home with soot. It didn’t take long for us to realize that Pine is not the best wood to burn!

By far, the best firewood ever is what’s growing near your locality. If you’re new to living in a home where only wood heat is available, talk to local residents to see what woods in your area burn best.