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Largest Dreamcatcher in the World

You are looking at what may be the largest dreamcatcher in the world. It stands as a work of public art in Happy Camp, California. Created by artist and dreamer, Dennis Day. Hold tight to your dreams and watch them come alive! An interview with Dennis Day, creator of the largest dreamcatcher in the world.

Mocha Coffee Fashion

I love a warm cup of coffee in the morning, and like most women, one of my favorite clothing colors matches my favorite early morning drink. I’m thrilled to see the advent of mocha coffee fashion colors this year, and this page is devoted to showcasing some of these gems. A soft mocha coffee fashion

Basic Blogging Instructions

I’ve been blogging over fifteen years now, so it always surprises me how many people are still looking for information on how to get started with blogging. I’ve decided to start a blogging section on this site. Here you’ll find my basic blogging instructions for beginners.