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How to Overcome Fear of Cooking

Do you have cooking anxiety?

I don’t know of anyone who was as afraid to cook as I was when I was younger. I thought that if I cooked something it would probably turn out terrible, so I was paralyzed and afraid to try at all. This was very hard to overcome and produced many embarrassing and painful situations in

Rosemary Herb Uses

Rosemary is fragrant and energizing Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) grows naturally and abundantly near the Mediterranean seashore in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Tunisia. The name, ‘rosemary’ means “dew of the sea.” Rosemary is a favorite herb for gardeners. As a fragrant culinary spice, rosemary is used in many Mediterranean style dishes. This page focuses on the

An Eye-Opening Narcolepsy Memoir

Narcolepsy is a serious neurological disorder that causes victims to fall down or fall asleep at inconvenient moments. It can be cruel, embarrassing, and heartbreaking. This memoir tells it all. Julie Flygare was only 22 and in her first year of law school when she noticed something very odd. Whenever she laughed, her knees lost

Vegetable Weight Loss Soup

My vegetable weight loss soup recipe… During the winter I have a habit of making vegan vegetable weight loss soup every week. When I started dieting and counting calories I soon realized that a cup of soup has almost no calories, even if potatoes are included. What a great deal! I can eat as much

ChildrenThe Challenge

When the Babysitter Needs a Babysitter

“I get scared sometimes when my mother isn’t home,” an eleven-year-old neighbor told me. She was in charge at home, a babysitter for her one-year-old brother while her mother was gone. “Sometimes I hear noises, and I’m afraid someone is trying to break in,” she said one night when she came to my door to

What To Do If Your Child Won’t Brush Her Hair

Hair is beautiful. Hair is like a natural crown we wear on our heads. Children are especially blessed with fine, lovely, healthy-looking hair. What can a parent do with a child who refuses to brush her (or his) hair? Although there are some long-haired boys who won’t brush, I wrote this article from a girl-child

FaithBelieve It... We Need It

Baptism of Jesus Location, River Jordan

The baptism of Jesus happened in the Jordan River. That’s when the Holy Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove, and when His ministry began. While organizing my photographs a few days ago, I came across an old tattered post card and nearly tossed it into the miscellaneous pile. Then I took

Rock Climbing Memoir and Jesus

Would you like to climb a cliff, hundreds or thousands of feet above safety? It requires a taste for the most adventurous aspects of life, and I wouldn’t do it, but Russell Fralick, a pastor in England, was hooked on rock climbing from his youth and tells about it in his highly readable rock climbing

Define Spirituality

What does spirituality mean to you? Can you define spirituality? What it means to one person is often very different than what it means to another. Dictionary definition of spirituality …define spirituality, spiritual, and spirit… The definition of spirituality is more than what the dictionary suggests. The Random House Dictionary defines spirituality as “the quality

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