How to Develop a Life of Prosperity

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You can develop a life of prosperity even though the economy is bad, and even though times are hard. You can do it if you set your mind to it!


First let’s consider what prosperity means to you. Some people think it means having lots of money. But others see prosperity in having a lot of contentment with what we already have. When you’re always wanting more (money, love, possessions, etc.) it is hard to enjoy what you have now.

Are you living in poverty?For those of us in the USA, UK, Australia and similar nations, we may find prosperity when we start comparing what we’ve already got to what poor people in other countries have. The contrast is an awakening experience. You may decide you’re already prosperous!

Do not give in to despair or complacency. When people around you suffer from lack of jobs and lack of hope, you can be the one to find a path to developing prosperity. It starts with having the confidence to believe that you’re able to do better in life. If you’re now unemployed, you must believe you’re able to find, value and keep a job.

If you already have a job but are not able to make ends meet, evaluate your spending habits and eliminate anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. When I did this a few years ago, I found several items I made monthly online payments on, such as audiobooks, and a training class. They were the first monthly expenditures I easily eliminated from my budget.

You might find that having some kind of self-employment alongside your regular job may work well for you. The question comes up then: what would be best to do to generate money?

Try to help those around you. If your intention is firmly set on helping others in need, you can become a focus of energy in a spiritual sense that will build prosperity for all. The key is in finding a way to help others. If others want what you have to offer you will easily be able to build an income, online or off.

When your focus is on helping others prosper you will not be focused on your own feelings of lack. We can put aside self-serving thoughts and focus solely on helping others succeed. Brainstorm for ways to help others rise up out of poverty and into prosperity.

Keep thinking positively about things that can be done to help poor people, and you will find your own path to abundant prosperity.

Do the Work
Do the work to manifest prosperity – This book helps get you past the resistance you may feel.

Do the Work is an amazing little book. I return to this book whenever I’m feeling resistance to getting something done. It helped me finish my first published novel, River Girl.

The book is short – I listen to the audio version and it takes only an hour and a half to get through it. By learning to overcome the resistance we can progress toward the prosperity we’ve been wanting to manifest.

1. Work for yourself.

You have two choices – work for yourself, or work for somebody else. You’re more likely to prosper if you choose to be self-employed.

Self-employment is a key to manifestation of prosperity … the opportunities are limitless.

So long as you think your only choice is to work for someone else, you’ll be limited to an income of whatever they want to pay you. Plus, you’re limited to only the job they choose to give you, doing the things they ask you to do in the way they want you to do them. When you’re working for someone else, the opportunities are limited.

Worse still, if they decide they don’t need you or can’t afford to pay you, you can be let go – laid off or fired – at any time. You have no choice. You lose control of your destiny. No matter how needy you are, no matter how dependent you are on that meager, limited income, your employer can pull the rug out from under you and leave you broke and in extreme distress.

Do you really want that?

Compare to self-employment. You get to choose what you’re going to do. You get to set the prices. You get to decide how valuable your time is and what your income should be. You can’t be fired by yourself. You might want to change your strategies at some time in the future, but it is all up to you.

There are endless opportunities for income for the person who takes responsibility for his or her own prosperity via self-employment.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance
was written by a Unity minister. Her suggestions are to tithe, set goals, forgive and work toward your divine purpose. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Some may balk at the idea of tithing, but this is a blessing toward all else your money provides for. Of course, where you tithe your money to will be a matter of preference. Some may choose a charity, and others, their church. Edwene Gaines, the author of this book, suggests you tithe to whatever place has given you the most spiritual food.

Goal setting has been a matter of common sense for me, for years. I know a lot of people prefer to set intentions rather than goals. Whatever works for you, and whatever makes you feel comfortable, is best.

2. Figure out what other people need.

Prosperity comes from creative brainstorming about how to fulfill the needs of others. If you need to improve your life conditions, your focus should be on helping others, not just on pleasing yourself.

Example: Helping others become healthier is a great goal.

One thing you could do is seek ways to bring better health to others. Abundant good health is one of the most important things a human being could have.

Maybe you think people in your area need more citrus fruit so you locate a supplier of navel oranges and buy huge bags of them at $1.50 each. Then you take them into your community and offer them at a great price – $3.00 each. People like your low price and need the good health oranges give them. Soon you’ve made enough to pay your bills and feed your family, plus you’ve done something beneficial for your community.

Why did you receive that prosperity? It wasn’t from thinking “Oh, I don’t have enough and am suffering and am so poor.”

No – it was because you were thinking, “I need to find a way to help others, and they need better health, and oranges are great for nutrition. Everyone needs them. I’ll get some and sell them at a very good price!”

Yes! You wanted to do something good for others and in the process did something good for yourself. You may have even eaten a few healthy oranges along the way. Good for you!

I hope this simple example helps you understand how negative thinking will not help you, but positive thinking focused on the needs of others will help everyone become more prosperous in an integrated way.

Five Keys to Mastery
The Five Keys to Mastery
is a DVD created by Aikido-master George Burr Leonard (1923-2010), an amazing man whose mission in life was to help others develop their human potential.

This DVD is my all-time favorite and I’ve recommended it to a lot of people. It is extremely inspirational and will show you what you need to do to succeed.

3. Be grateful.

If you’re grateful for the good things in life you’ll attract more of them to you. Gratitude magnifies and helps manifest prosperity. Resolve to be happy with what you have.

Gratitude is like turning up the heat on a cold day. If you’re focused on the great things coming your way, and grateful for them, you’re sure to attract more of that happiness into your life.

Gratitude is like putting your good fortune under a magnifying glass. You look at something with the magnifying glass, focus on it, check it out, learn about it, accept that good things are happening in your life, and voila… more great stuff happens.

Prosperity vs. Money

Q: Why choose to manifest prosperity instead of “money”?

A: Because money… in this day and age, isn’t reliable!

Financial systems are unstable these days. Money in and of itself is not a great goal to have. Much better is to have a goal of prosperity. This would mean counting your blessings and having enough to live comfortably and happily.

Prosperity to one person might be different than for another person. It might not mean living in a huge mansion. It could mean living in a nice townhouse and owning only one reasonable car rather than a fleet of corvettes. You know what’s really needed to make yourself feel prosperous. Prosperity is a fantastic goal but be reasonable.

Keep it simple, for prosperity’s sake.

I’d like to keep this missive simple so you’ll understand this one principle: “Help others in order to help yourself.” If you take that one thought with you and put it into action, you’ll find your path to prosperity.

Start today to focus on the needs of others. Brainstorm ways to help them. Follow your heart and your inspirations. When you hit on an idea that will help people – when it feels just right to you – you’ll know it. Your heart will be engaged and enthralled with that exciting idea. Approach your goals one step at a time and prosperity should be yours soon enough.

Your comments about how to develop a life of prosperity are welcome – …any helpful suggestions?